QUESTION;  How much does it cost your company each day, month or year to store your decommissioned/ obsolete media on or off site ?

ANSWER; I expect you will be shocked and M3Media can save you most of this cost.

If you cleared your loft at home 80% of stuff would be chucked away

If you have a clear loft then  80% of stuff in your garage would be chucked away.

If you have a clear loft and garage then 80% of stuff in your shed would be chucked away.

That is a lot square feet of space being inadvertently paid for…

Put the costs of the above into Broadcast/ Post and Production facilities.

Out of sight….  a cost

Out of mind….. a cost

In the profit and loss….as a cost

We have a modern facility within the M25 where we specialise in the "secure" destruction of onbolute tape/media stock



We securely recycle and return degaussed tape stock.


We securely crush any digitised/unwanted physical media into as fluffy as confetti.


We wholly support SKY’s “Ocean Rescue” campaign to keep plastics out of the sea

We do not digitise formats

We do not offer expensive long term storage

We do not use landfill

Each year around 8 million tons of plastic ends up in our oceans

In the last 3 years Manchip3Media (M3Media) has become the most SECURE specialist in the recycling and destruction of physical media and magnetic tapes.

The resulting product has a particle size of less than 8mm which satisfies both the requirements of secure destruction and environmental recycling.