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All businesses need to manage secure destruction or upcycling within their media library.

The M3M team propose procedures including de-racking , boxing and transportation for magnetic media to their warehouse where it will be securely evaluated or destroyed.

Cleaned , Evaluated, Erased, Tested;

M3M provide a fully cosmetic clean ,evaluated  and degaussed service of magnetic media.

Cosmetically cleaned;  All labels , stickers and glue remove from surface of media…

Evaluated;  All media run through RTI professional tape-check machines removing debris and evaluating the surface for drop out. Controlled ‘library-mode’ spooling reduces pack stress compared to un-spooled product.

Degaussed; All media receives multiple passes through optimum magnetic fields eradicating audio, control and video signals completely.

Testing ; Various batches of media tested on specific media players ensuring the products are free of sound and pictures .

Fast , Reliable , Savings

As M3M passes magnetic media through their high quality procedure it means that the finished product is as good as new.

M3M provide a fast, reliable, re-evaluation , re-certification service which not only saves the environment but cuts the cost of your budget significantly.

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