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QUESTION;  How much does it cost your company each day, month or year to store your decommissioned/ obsolete media on or off site ?

ANSWER; I expect you will be shocked and M3Media can save you most of this cost.

We have a modern facility within the M25 where we specialise in the “SECURE” destruction of obsolete tape/media stock.

We securely recycle and return degaussed tape stock.

We securely crush any digitised/unwanted physical media into 8mm particles.

We do wholly support SKY’s “Ocean Rescue” campaign to keep plastics out of the sea

We do not digitise formats.

We do not offer expensive long term storage.

We do not use landfill.

I would really appreciate your feedback either by email but better still on 07798 652214.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Toby Manchip